Monday, May 4, 2009

The Tin Man Part 4

How could you be happy, once a man, now trapped in a mechanical body? Nick got very down on himself. His munchkin love didn't care though, and when he arrived back in the East, she rushed to him, many tears in her eyes. She said that his metal body was not important, and that she loved his heart.

Nick Chopper got very angry at that, and yelled at her in front of the entire community, "I don't have a heart!"

Feeling very sorry for himself, Nick left the town, never returning to it.

So rumours grew of the metal man who wandered the words, crying and fleeing from anyone who tried to approach him. Many people would find fresh stacks of chopped wood outside their doorsteps in the mornings though. He came to be known as the Tin Man of Oz, and one day he disappeared completely.

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