Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Tin Man Meets the Wizard

I'll actually get to Dorothy in a few days. I'd like to follow this little bit with each character meeting the Wizard.

To the Tin man, the Wizard appears as a giant monster.

I started this illustration by sketching it about a week ago in my sketchbook. Just a simple mechanical pencil there. Then today I scanned it at work, and coloured it in Photoshop. I grabbed some cool textures from, and laid them in behind and over the image. It helps give my pictures that extra punch they need.

The white effect in the bottom corner is just me playing with the white brush at like 2000pts, and then dotting around. The original image is 600dpi.

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  1. oh my.... and I have been missing all these, silly me, I never realized you had the blog addy in the end of the vids in YT...will come back to read it all!!!! need to dash now! (I'm Sarita Taylor's mum from YT)
    yAy, this is great!