Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 belongs to the dead

Dead ideas. Dead projects.

I'm working on Oz continuously though. I've pushed it to the forefront of my projects. My mind is always bent towards it.

Lately I've been thinking of Dorothy and her arrival to the West to combat the Witch who lives there. I picture her with an over sized helm, at the front of the army. The army is a mash of the Wizards auto-matons, the munchkins of the east, and Animals. I capitalize Anaimals, as the Lion has rallied his people, the creatures of Oz. He is their King, and he takes his place.

The Witch summons her force of flying monkeys to her defense. She also commands wolves and bees (this is all from the original book)., which should lead to quite an epic battle.

My thoughts on the Flying Monkeys. In the original book, the Witch owns a Golden Cap that grants her use of the Monkeys three times. Until she uses all "wishes" from the Cap, the monkeys are enslaved to her. If she has owned this Cap for a long time, would the Monkeys not die after a time? But could they actually die if they still owed the Witch her last wish?

What I'm implying here is not an army of Flying Monkeys, but an army of Flying Zombie Monkeys.

As if they weren't creepy enough.


  1. wow. you know, those monkeys gave me horrible nightmares as a kid. i still don't think i've watched the complete movie, come to think of it.
    intesting twist, can't wait to see one.

  2. Your thought reminds me of the ghost soldiers in ROTK who were bound to their duty to the King and until it was done they walked (or haunted) the world.

  3. When are you going to finish this project? YOu have enticed me with your dark Oz and I cannot get enough, but I need closure! Come on man, get on with it!