Wednesday, September 23, 2009

While I haven't updated in a bit, don't be thinking I've given up. No, just been busy with work and settling into post wedding life. I also bought a new big screen TV and got HD TV to go with it. As well as a PS3. Not bragging, but you can see how my life is sudden;y filled with distractions, and I already had enough of those.

But when I have a spare moment, I think of Oz. I think of the blue skies, and the rolling green hills. Of the golden wheat fields, and such beautiful vibrant colours. I think of how to balance my more adult version with the beauty and wonder that Baum established. It's a struggle to try and limit how much of myself I want to put into it. I want to respect the author and the material.

I haven't been drawing much lately, but I have a back log of images to colour anyways. But we're getting into the busy season here at the ad agency, and when that happens my art and story suffer. But I hope to do some stuff soon!

That being said, let me leave you with a very cool song I found. It's a cool mix of old bluegrass and a touch of texture and darkness.

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