Saturday, June 6, 2009

Music from "Death of a Sister"

Here is the music from the previously posted video.

I discovered this song when I saw Black Hawk Down. I don't know what the song is actually about, but it's a beautiful piece that still creates a lot of emotion in me. It's haunting, sad, and probably shouldn't be listened to if you're incredibly depressed. That being said, it captures a lot of tone and feel for the world of Oz I'm trying to create. Dark, haunting, but with a feeling of magic.

I also felt that tone was appropriate for when the Witch discovers her sister is dead. The Witch remembers love, she remembers happiness, and though her heart has been black a long time, she remembers once when her sister and herself played in the fields of Oz, and they loved one another. And despite the centuries of animosity between all of the Witches, as they grew more enclosed and lonesome in their own kingdoms, there is an old love that still resides there. Enough that even the Wicked Witch of the West still has tears to spare for little sister.

Anyways, hope you love the song as much as I do.

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